How to Change Jiofi Password and Username [ 2 Easy Ways]

Want to change JioFi Password?

But don’t know how to change? Don’t worry I will show you all the possible ways to change username and password.

By default Jiofi Password is very weird and difficult to remember.

Jiofi is a portable device that uses Jio sim and allow users to access 4G hotspot that can be further connected to any other device. Through the Jiofi device you can easily use 4G data or internet on your other device like computer, laptop, tab, etc.

Jiofi is a product of Reliance Jio and has been used widely across the country. Reliance has captured the large market in the telecom industry ever since it launched Jio and its other products.

The recharge plans are also very convincing. You can read more about recharge plans here.

Generally, the username is administrator and the password is some random characters. It is good to create and new username. Password change is not required but it will be very difficult to remember the default password.

To avoid security issues I advise you to keep changing the password frequently so that you can connect to any device any second thought.

How to Change Jiofi Password and User Name?

There are two ways to change the Jiofi password and username:

  1. MyJio App.
  2. Website or Web Browser.

If you are using Jio sim on your mobile then changing the password via Myjio app will be easy for you.

If you only have a Jio device then you need to go to the web browser to change the password. I will explain both ways to you so that you can change the password regardless of whatever devices you have.

So let’s start with the easiest method…

Change the Password via MyJio App

To use this method you need MyJio app on your mobile phones. If you haven’t installed the app yet then you can go to Google Play Store or Apple Store to install it.

  1. Step: Switch on the Jiofi device.
  2. Step: Connect Jiofi router with your smartphone.
  3. Step: Click and Open the My Jio app.
  4. Step: Now click on my device which is at the bottom. Sure the status is green.
  5. Step: At the top right corner you can see the settings icon. Click on the settings icon and select change password option mentioned below the SSID.
  6. Step: Type your new password, confirm the password, and tap submit.

Make a strong password. Don’t make a password as administrator.

Via Website or Web Browser

You need to have your laptop or any device (mobile, tab, etc). We will use a browser in this method.

  1. Step: Connect your device (laptop, tab, or mobile) with the Jiofi hotspot.
  2. Step: Now head over to the browser and open or http://jiofi.local.html. make sure to open the website with the connected device only.
  3. Step: Click on the login option once the website opens.
  4. Step: Now enter username as administrator and password as administrator and click on the login button.
  5. Step: Now click on network then Wi-Fi Configuration and then Secure Key.
  6. Step: Now enter your new username and password of your choice in the SSID field.

Now you can check the new username and password by clicking on the login button.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How can I reset my JioFi password?

There are two ways:
Via MyJio App and Via Website or Web Browser.

How do I change my JioFi password on the MyJio app?

Open the app > My device > Settings > New password.
You can read the post for a detailed step by step explanation.

Last Thought

I hope now you know how to change Jiofi password. Now you will have the liberty to connect to any device without any hassle and tension as security will not be an issue and you will have the username and password according to your choice and you can enjoy the internet connection on any device.

You can leave a comment if you face any issue and please share the post as it may help your friends as well.