Jio Number Check USSD Code – How To Know & Find My Number?

JIO Number Check– The Easiest and simplest way to check, find, or know your Jio Mobile no.

Having so many mobile networks with so much to offer. Sometimes, it becomes very difficult to remember all the mobile number details especially when you are carrying multiple sims.

I was in a similar condition when I forgot my own JIO number. I needed my own Jio number as my Data pack was exhausted and I had to recharge my mobile number.

There are different ways to know your own Jio mobile sim no. but I simply called in 1299 to get my number. There are many ways to find your Jio mobile number.

I will discuss later on this post How to Find or Check Jio Number. It totally depends on you. You can choose any to know Jio number.

Jio is owned by Mukesh Ambani and Jio is one of the biggest telecommunication service provider in India. It has the highest number of the user base in India and is growing very rapidly.

5 Easy Ways to Find or Check Jio Number

As of now, I will explain 5 ways to know my Jio number.

Method 1: SMS

If you are looking for a USSD code to check Jio number then you should stop looking for it as Jio sim does not has any USSD code to check the number. However, you can send an SMS on 199. This is the Jio number check (SMS) code.

So here the steps for Jio Number Check:

  1. Step 1: Type MYPLAN
  2. Step 2: Send this SMS to 199

Jio Number Check Code

Once you follow the above steps, you will see your Reliance JIO mobile number and all the details on your mobile screen.

Method 2: Know Your Own Jio Number by MyJio App

Checking your Reliance number by application is one of the simplest and easiest method. You just need to go to your Myjio and you can find your Jio number and other details.

You should also use this to know your Jio number.

You need to have a Jio app on your phone. If you haven’t installed the Jio app on your phone then you can follow the below-mentioned steps to install the App.

Jio App number check

How to Install MyJio App?

  • Step 1: Install My Jio App from Google Play Store. You Can click here to go to Play Store to install the app.
  • Step 2: Once you have installed the app. Open myjio App and sign in with sim.
  • Step 3: Now you can see your Jio Mobile number at the top of the screen. You can also find other details.

You can Dial Jio Customer Care Number if you face any problem.

Method 3: Send an SMS “Jio <IMEI>” to 199 To Check Your Jio Phone Number

Sending an SMS “Jio <IMEI>” to 199 is also one way to find your Jio Number. Jio mobile number check by IMEI number can be a bit overwhelming but you can try this also.

Jio Number Check by IMEI

Once you have sent an SMS, your Jio mobile number and IMEI will be displayed on the mobile screen.

Method 4: Check Your Jio Number by Making a Call

You may find it easy to Find Your Own JIO Number by this method. You just need to make a call on 198 or 199 and follow the instructions. They may ask you to verify your details for safety purpose. I find this method to be the quickest.

Method 5: Phone a Friend

As the name suggests, call your friend or a family member and your JIO number will display on their phone. Just grab the number and do whatever you want to do with the no.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to Check Mobile Number From JIO Sim?

You send a message on 199 by typing MYPLAN. I find this to be the simplest way.

Is There Any Alternative Methods To Check JIO Number?

Yes, of course, there are alternative ways. You can just refer to the post to find the details.

How Can I Check My JIO Number Full Details?

You need to install JIO app to check you Jio no full details. You can check more in this post.

Can I Check My JIO Registered Name?

Yes, you can check your Jio registered name. Just go to your app and on the top left-hand side, you can see a menu hover button. Click on that and the name will be on the top of the menu.

Why Do I Need To Check JIO Number?

You are filling any form and you don’t remember your phone number.
Someone asked your Jio mobile number and you forgot your number.
You bought a new Jio sim and you don’t remember your new no.
You don’t have Jio data and you want to recharge with data booster.
And the reasons could be endless.

How do I know if my Jio number is valid?

If your Jio Sim is active then you can check this on your MyJio App.

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Last Thought

This is it for JIO Number Check– The Easiest and simplest way to check or find your JIO Sim Mobile no. A small USSD code can make your life a lot easier.

Although phone number is a small thing, there could be times when you need your reliance Jio number but you don’t have the balance to give a missed call to friends and family.

Finally, you know how to see your Jio number.

You can check the website if you have other issues related to sim number, Jio Id, Ussd codes, data usage, data balance, tariff plan, account details, data limit, 4g data, bill amount, balance details, Jio sim number, data consumption, telecom operators, etc.

If you face any issue you can comment in the comment section.