Vodafone Number Check Ussd Code- Easy Way To Know (Updated)

Vodafone Number Check– The Easiest and simplest way to check or find your Vodafone Mobile no.

The Process is very simple. Just follow the step and instruction if you are here to know your own Vodafone Number.

The most simple way to find your 10 digit number is by USSD codes. We will also try you provide you with all the other ways to see your phone no. 

Vodafone is a popular telecom network and it has customers all around the world. If you are using Vodafone and want to know your ten-digit mobile no then you are in the right place.

How To Know/Check Your Vodafone Number

Every Telecom or Sim provider has some ussd codes or shortcodes. If you know the correct codes then you can get almost every detail of your network.

Below you can find the steps to check your own Voda Mobile number.

Vodafone Number Check
Vodafone Number Check
  1. Step: Open your phone Keypad.
  2. Step: Dial *111*2# on your mobile keypad.

After Dialling the above ussd codes you can see your own ten-digit Vodafone Number on the mobile screen.


You can also dial the below ussd codes and follow the instructions.





In case you face any problem you can call Vodafone Customer Care Number. The above shortcodes will only work on Vodafone. You can read all Mobile Number Check USSD Codes here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to Check Mobile Number From Vodafone Sim?

As we have already discussed earlier in the post. You just need to dial *111*2# from your mobile phone and the ten-digit will appear on the screen.

How to Find Vodafone Sim Number?

You need to keep in mind that Vodafone sim number and Vodafone phone number is a different thing. You cannot use the same code to find your sim number. 

The technical term used for Voda Sim Number is ICCID no. This ICCID number is printed on the sim card.

Is There Any Way to Check If My Voda Number is Valid Or Not?

Yes, Of Course, you can check whether your Vodafone number is valid or not. For this, you have to go to the Vodafone app.

Why Do I Need To Check Vodafone Number?

There could be a variety of reasons. 

  • You are filling any form and you don’t remember your phone number.
  • Someone asked your voda no and you forgot your number.
  • You bought a new Vodafone sim and you don’t remember your new no.
  • And the reasons could be endless.



This is it for Vodafone Number Check– The Easiest and simplest way to check or find your Vodafone Mobile no. A small ussd code can make your life a lot easier. 

Although phone number is a small thing, there could be times when you need your no but you don’t have the balance to give a missed call to friends and family.

If you face any issue you can comment in the comment section.